Graduates from the 2000s

Arranged Alphabetically in Graduation Year

Laura Jeanne (Teeter) Dildine (’00, J.D. ’10, Carswell)

When Laura was in the third grade, she enjoyed playing “school”.  Not only was she the teacher, but also a student along with her friends who earned a 100 on all assignments.  She had a mobile chalkboard, a handwriting guide, a real grade book from the local business supply store, and handmade assignments and tests.  Despite this inclination to teach, Laura ignored this calling for over twelve years.  In high school and college, Laura decided to become a lawyer-politician-economist and graduated with a politics/economics double major.  However, upon graduation, Laura realized that this was not her dream.  She found herself again by teaching high school.  Laura was the same teacher that she had played in third grade “albeit much fairer, more patient, and totally in over her head.” Laura was humbled by the way her students transformed her life.  She found purpose and conviction in teaching.  Laura was awarded the “Excellence in Teaching” honor by the Rotary organization, as chosen by the graduating students of 2005 whom she taught during her second year of teaching.  She was also nominated for Teacher of the Year by her colleagues.  However, her most significant accomplishments are not those found on certificates or plaques.  They include helping a non-English speaker be the first in his family to graduate high school; taking a group of supposed at-risk students from being labeled potential failures to school ambassadors and classroom advocates; observing 14-year-old freshmen debate the world’s response to genocide in Africa; and having former students contacting her to report their successes (college, studying abroad in South Africa, and studying to become a teacher).  Although she is in law school now, Laura will never be more proud than to say that she was a teacher.  She considers teaching as her life’s true accomplishment.  Laura continues to be humbled by her fellow Carswell scholars.  She realized although they are all very different in their fields, they can all make profound positive changes in the world.  She hopes for all: “May we never forget to give back all that we have been afforded.”  Laura was married on June 29th, 2002 to Robert Chadwick (Chad) Dildine.  Her parents are Tennant and Pam Teeter.

Matthew Phillips 

Matthew T. Phillips (’00, J.D.’06, Carswell, Caldwell, Governor James G. Martin College Scholarship)

Matthew attended Duke University Divinity School after graduating from Wake Forest University.  His studies focused on the intersection of law and religion in America.  He received a Master of Divinity degree and was commissioned as a United Methodist minister and worked in several churches while completing a law degree at Wake Forest University.  He currently teaches and serves as an active lay leader at his church and practices estate planning and tax law as an attorney at Blanco, Tackabery & Matamoros P.A.  He recently completed training as a private pilot.  Matthew and his wife Heather Holley Phillips (’00) live in Advance, NC and are expecting their first child in March, 2008.  Matthew recently took a job with the WFU Babcock School.

Susanne E. Hall (’01, Carswell)

Susanne moved from Wake Forest University directly into graduate work in English at the University of California, Irvine. Her primary areas of interest are 20th century U.S. poetry, theories of ideology, New Left politics, and rhetoric and the teaching of writing. Susanne is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke, which means that she is part of a multi-disciplinary cadre who teach the first year writing seminars, the only required course at Duke. Susanne says, “The support of the Carswell scholarship was instrumental in my scholarly progress. Just recently I traced my current scholarly project to a summer research trips that the Carswell scholarship funded, during which I did research at Allen Ginsberg’s archive at Stanford. Today as a professor I am sending students into the archives!”


Rob W. Holland (’01, Presidential)

Rob’s entrepreneurial activities at Wake Forest were supported by his Presidential Scholarship in Entrepreneurship.  Thanks to his early successes, Rob was recruited by several top banks including Lehman Brothers, where he joined as an analyst after graduation.  At Lehman Brothers, Rob met Greg Bortz, a senior banker whom he would remain close with.  Rob left Lehman Brothers to gain experience on the “buy side” at Trust Company of the West.  Two years later, Rob, Greg, and a third partner formed Creo Capital Partners LLC with seed capital.  Since its founding in 2005, Creo has raised permanent capital and now owns more than ten companies across the U.S. that focus on a number of end markets including transportation, food, manufacturing, and apparel.  As a founding partner, Rob evaluates investment opportunities, negotiates and closes deals, sits on boards and helps to make strategic decisions to improve the companies and fund raising.  This has been extremely rewarding for Rob who believes, “it all started with Wake Forest and my Presidential Scholarship.”  Rob married Austin Rogers in Jacksonville, Florida on December 1st, 2007.

Melissa Jenkins (’01, Reynolds)

Melissa earned an M.A. degree and a Ph.D. degree in English from Harvard University.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of English at Wake Forest.  Melissa is married to Jaime Jenkins (’99).

Michele A. Johnson (’01, Carswell, Poteat)

After graduating, Michele entered a Ph.D. program in evolution and ecology at Washington University in St. Louis.  Her research investigated behavioral evolution in a group of Caribbean lizards.  While in graduate school, she was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science foundation, a dissertation fellowship from the American Association of University Women, and a Teaching Citation from Washington University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  Michele graduated with a Ph.D. degree in August 2007 and began her postdoctoral research at Michigan State University studying the neuromuscular mechanisms that control lizard reproductive behavior.  Her work requires extensive travel in the Caribbean which has become an important part of her life.  Michele says that her research experiences with faculty in the Biology Department of Wake Forest University have helped her integrate what she learns in coursework with “real world” scientific research.  The Biology Department also prepared her for the challenges of graduate school.  Michele strongly encourages every student to take advantage of the extensive resources available for undergraduate research at Wake Forest.  Michele is engaged to be married to Kevin P. McIntyre.


Karen Roberts McNamara (’01, Carswell)

Karen earned a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University in 2007.  She completed a Master’s thesis with Distinction: Blogging Breast Cancer: Language and Subjectivity in Women’s Online Illness Narratives, available here.  Karen has held positions as a Technology Program Associate for The Children’s Partnership in Washington, DC and Teaching Assistant with Dr. Michael Coventry at Georgetown University.  She is currently a Custom Project Manager at Georgetown University with the University Information Services.


Daniel J. Durand (’01, Reynolds)

Following graduation from Wake Forest, Daniel enrolled in the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine on an NIH Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship.  During medical school, Daniel spent several years conducting research on the therapeutic applications of adult stem cells.  After graduating from Johns Hopkins he worked briefly as a consultant for Osiris Therapeutics, a biotechnology firm specializing in adult stem cell technologies that was in the process of going public at the time.  Following his work with Osiris, Daniel performed a medical internship and residency in the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins .  As a resident Daniel continued to consult part time for Osiris and several other companies.  He is currently Chairman of Radiology and Executive Director of Clinical Alignment Strategy at LifeBridge Health. Daniel is married to Christine Durand and they have a dog named Diva.

Cassandra C. Rich (’01, ’04, Carswell)

Cassandra earned both her B.A. and J.D. degrees from Wake Forest University.  Cassandra moved home to New York to be near her extended family and now works at Boylan, Brown, Code, Vigdor, & Wilson, LLP in Rochester.  She loves her job and thinks her co-workers are great.  She says that she is lucky to be where she is.  Cassandra would like students to enjoy every minute of their time at Wake Forest University.  She loved the close knit community that Wake Forest provides and still misses it.

Aaron Bokros (’02, Presidential)

After moving to New York City, Aaron worked professionally as a freelance lighting programmer and carpenter on an Off-Broadway show.Aaron works closely with a company in charge of building all scenery for New York Fashion Weeks. He also has staff and faculty obligations at Montclair State University, where he has been employed for the last year and a half. Aaron prides himself on having worked in a variety of professional and educational atmospheres over the last five years. Aaron has often marveled at the extent to which he has used his Theatre education at Wake Forest. Aaron believes that his comprehensive theatrical background has made him well suited for the work he has done. He tries to instill the same philosophy in his students that the Theatre department at Wake Forest instilled in him. Aaron teaches that a well-rounded academic and artistic education makes one more marketable as an artist.

John Bowman (’02, Reynolds)

John completed his Ph.D. in Math from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May 2007.  He studied quantum groups and Lie algebras while there.  After graduation, John moved to Chicago and start work with a small IT consulting firm, OpenBI, which specializes in business intelligence using open source software, or the use of data to drive business decisions.  His work involves databases, data visualization, and data mining.  John is currently taking a six week leave of absence from his job to travel to India as a missionary.

Beth Doby Justice (’02, Carswell, Poteat)

Beth and Jeb, her husband, matched at the University of Utah for their residencies.  Pediatrics was a perfect decision for Beth. Pediatrics was Beth’s last scheduled rotation of 3rd year, and she fell in love with that specialty. She especially enjoys the pathophysiology of pediatric diseases, the kids, the environment of a children’s hospital and the types of people who pursue pediatrics.  Residency matching was quite the adventure. ENT is very competitive, and while Jeb was a very competitive candidate, Beth knew they would have to look everywhere and interview at as many places as possible. Beth was offered the Chief Resident spot at Utah, but she is leaning towards entering her fellowship right away (July 2009). Beth is going to pursue pediatric infectious diseases.  She is pursuing a national pediatric scientist development program grant from the NIH. Life outside the hospital is also good for Beth. Jeb and Beth rescued a dog about a year ago, and that has been wonderful. She’s a great hiking and running buddy when Jeb can’t come with Beth. The couple lives outside when they aren’t working and they like to go trail running, hiking, and skiing.


Mason F. Matthews (’02, Carswell, Poteat, Kemper)

Mason graduated in 2002 and went to Duke University for an M.S. degree in Computer Science.  He graduated in December, 2006.  Matthew was the Owner and President of Matthews Systems (Computer Support) from 2003 to 2006.  In 2007, he became a Project Manager for SciMed Solutions and is currently a Software Development Group Manager and Strategic Planning Manager for SciMed.  He married Lucia Runestad Matthews (’04), a fellow Wake graduate in 2004 and they are expecting their first child in May of 2008.

Jacob Michael Montgomery (’02, Reynolds)

Jacob is currently earning an M.S. degree in Statistics and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Duke University.  He is scheduled to finish in May 2010.  Jacob is married to Lisa Hoppenjans (’03), a fellow Wake Forest graduate.

Michael Perry (’02, Carswell)

Michael earned a J.D. degree with distinction from Stanford Law School after graduating from Wake Forest University.  He has worked as a consultant to The Advisory Board Company, a Legal Intern for the Antitrust Division at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., and a law clerk for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Francisco, California.  He is currently an Associate with Latham & Watkins in New York and he will soon be starting a clerkship with Judge Allyne Ross on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York.  Michael shares that he realized how lucky he was at Wake Forest when he worked as a TA for the Stanford Economics Department and taught sections that had more students than most of his undergraduate classes.  Michael will marry Ashley D’Uva on June 7, 2008.

 Julie Purcell (’02, Carswell)

Julie attended the College of William & Mary for an M.Ed. degree in Higher Education.  She has held positions as a Research Assistant and Account Manager to Corporate Executive Board, Graduate Assistant at the College of William & Mary Career Center, and Alumni Coordinator at the University of the Pacific.  She is currently Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services at UC Davis Graduate School of Management.  Julie is engaged to be married to Matthew Crafton on June 28, 2008 in Napa, CA.


Ember Rigsby (’02, Presidential)

Ember has been living and working in Nashville, “Music City USA” for the past 6 years since graduating from Wake Forest. She worked her way up through the ranks of the William Morris Agency, starting as a floater, moving to assistant, Agent Trainee, and now Agent in the Contemporary Christian Music Dept. Ember is one of the founding members ofYIP (Young Industry Professionals), an organization formedfor networking in the Christian Music Community forthose who have worked in the industry for less than 10 years.She also sang with the Nashville Symphony Chorus for 6 seasons, and she has been an Alto Section Leader and Board Member for the past 3 years. In addition to the Symphony Chorus, Ember is also a member of the Chamber Chorus through the same organization and she has been with them for 5 seasons. Ember directs the choir at her church, West End Community, and has done so for about 4 years now. In addition to that, she serves on the Greeter Ministry Team, and as a co-leader for a small group Bible Study. Ember also works with a non-profit ministry called Barefoot Republic which is a summer camp which brings kids together from different backgrounds and she’s been a vocal instructor for 3 years there.  Ember shares, “I appreciate the foundation that Wake Forest and the Presidential Scholarship gave me and I enjoy being able to give back to the music community through my job and the different volunteer organizations I work with.”



Tracy Strickland Tousey (’02, J.D.’05, Carswell)

Tracy continued in her Carswell Scholarship to attend Wake Forest Law School for her J.D. degree.  Tracy’s post-Wake Forest path began the summer before her senior year, when she started a year-long internship with the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation in Winston-Salem. ZSR is a statewide foundation that helps to bring about progress and improve the lives of North Carolinians and Tracy knew when she finished her year at ZSR that she would have a hard time finding a job more exciting, challenging, and fulfilling than her internship had been. Tracy had long known she wanted to go to law school and so she entered Wake Forest Law School immediately after graduation. Although she never imagined law school would lead her to private practice, Tracy decided that she was open to that experience and that it could be incredibly valuable. Tracy took an associate position withHelms, Mulliss & Wicker in Charlotte, where she practiced in their commercial litigationarea (and where she also met her husband, Clay, a corporate attorney who was in her class at the firm). After two years, Tracy decided it was time to return to public interest work, and she was asked to come back to the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to work as a Program Officer.Tracy now works on grants and special initiatives in the Foundation’s environment, civic engagement, and public education focus areas, and every day brings a new and exciting challenge.  Tracy and Clay (Harvard ’02, University of Virginia Law ’05) were married in Wait Chapel on October 20, 2007 with a reception afterward in the Magnolia Room.  They have an English Shepherd named Annie Tousey.

Elijah “Lige” Bolin (’03, Carswell)

Elijah earned an M.D. degree from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.  He moved to Houston, TX, and will be working with the Baylor International Pediatric Aids Initiative in Malawi (found here).  Both his brother, Daniel Bolin (’01, USAFA ’05), and his sister, Lisa (’04) attended Wake Forest.

Natasha Harrison (’03, Bradford)

Natasha graduated from Wake Forest and entered medical school at Duke University.  She will be graduating with an M.D. degree and a Master of Public Policy degree.  Natasha opted to get the MPP because she wanted to be able to improve both health and conditions for individuals beyond her own patients.  The MPP degree provides a good analytical foundation to evaluate and develop or implement solutions to a variety of problems.  Natasha is then heading to the University of Pennsylvania hospital for a residency in Family Medicine.


Jamie Kidd Hill (’03, Wilson)

Jamie went straight to law school at the University of Alabama after graduating from Wake Forest. While there, she was part of a team that advanced to the semi-finals of the National Labor and Unemployment Law Moot Court Competition, chaired the Career Services Committee, and was co-chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Harmonies of Liberty Symposium on Religion and Public Life.  Jamie was formerly assistant general counsel for the Alabama Department of Public Health, where she focused on healthcare facility regulation, litigation, and employment law.  Jamie is currently an associate at Webb & Eley, P.C., where she practices in the areas oflitigation, local government, civil rights defense and employment law.In addition to astrong academic background, Jamie says that Wake helped give her the confidence and leadership abilities necessary to succeed at anything she decides to do. She notes that it is very rare to find a place where you can, for example, walk into a fully functional television station as a freshman and immediately get involved. Even though she didn’t go into television journalism, Jamie found herself very appreciative of that experience when, several years later, she was called upon to give a training program to several hundred public health professionals in multiple states via live satellite feed! Jamie notes that it seems that everywhere she goes, she finds Wake graduates doing amazing things. When she was in New York City for the National Labor Law and Moot Court Competition, Jamie met a fellow 2003 graduate who wasrunning the competition. In Montgomery AL, where Jamie resides, there are two Deacs serving as policy advisors to Gov. Riley.Jamie has been consistently impressed with the ambition and abilities of her fellow Demon Deacons.Jamie was married to Mike Hill in 2004, and they have two furry “children”, Ally, a border collie/Dalmatian mix, and Alrek, a domestic longhair cat.

Lauren Raimer-Goodman (’03, Carswell)

Lauren graduated from Wake Forest University in December of 2003.  She is now a student at Baylor College of Medicine and anticipates earning her M.D. degree in May of 2008.  She married Michael Goodman on September 29, 2007 and currently lives in Houston, Texas.


Patrick F. Speice Jr. (’03, Presidential)

Patrick earned a J.D. degree from Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary after graduating from Wake Forest.  During his time there, he served as an Articles Editor for the William & Mary Law Review and as a Graduate Research Fellow.  Patrick became involved in a number of volunteer activities as well, including serving as the chair of the law school’s division of the Alan Buzkin Memorial Bone Marrow Drive for two years.  During the summer of 2004, Patrick worked for the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, and during the summer of 2005, he worked as a summer associate at the Washington D.C. office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP, a law firm with a number of national and international offices.  Patrick graduated in 2006 and took the Virginia Bar Exam before moving to Arlington, Virginia.  In October of 2006, Patrick returned to Gibson Dunn permanently as an associate attorney.  Patrick passed the Bar Exam and was licensed to practice law in Virginia.  Recently, Patrick’s application to practice law in D.C. was accepted and he was sworn in to the D.C. Bar in October 2007.  During the past year at Gibson Dunn, Patrick has practiced in the firm’s international trade regulation and litigation practice groups.  A short biography on Patrick can be found here.

Phillip Tennant (’03, Bradford)

Phillip graduated from Wake Forest and went on to Vanderbilt school of medicine for an M.D. degree.  Phillip is currently an anesthesiology resident at Cornell/New York Presbyterian Hospital and will be there until 2011.  Phillip married Catherine (Cappie) Tennant in 2003.  His father is Dr. Stanley Tennant (’78) a graduate of the Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Grey Ballard (’04, MA’08, Reynolds)

Grey earned his Master’s degree in mathematics from Wake Forest after graduating in 2004.  He entered the first year of his computer science PhD program at UC Berkeley this fall.

Jerí Bryant (’04, Reynolds)

After graduation, Jerí became a member of the inaugural class of the Integrated Program in Biomedical Science at the University of Tennessee in August, 2004.  Jerí received the Edsel Bucovaz Scholarship upon matriculation, an alumni merit scholarship awarded in part for work with the Volunteer Service Corps and Disabilities Awareness Coalition while at Wake Forest.  After a year in the graduate program, Jerí joined the department of Anatomy and Neurobiology and is currently studying the modulation of central pattern generators by the cerebellum.  Last year, Jerí received a fellowship from the American Psychological Association’s Diversity Program in Neuroscience.  In addition to a year’s funding, the fellowship gave Jerí the chance to spend a summer at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.  When not in the lab, Jerí volunteers at the Pink Palace Museum as an interpreter and tutors 6th graders at the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences.

Alex Chen (’04, Carswell)

After graduating from Wake Forest, Alex knew that he was going to start law school at Ohio State the following August. Given that he expected to soon begin a long-lasting legal career, Alex used the months between graduation and the start of law school to work as a regular crew member at McDonald’s. While he had various jobs throughout college and high school, Alex had never before worked in the fast food, “or for Seinfeld lovers, good food fast” industry.” At McDonald’s, Alex had an enriching experience working with people who had a completely different life experience from his own. Alex shared this brief period of his life because it helped him to gain perspectives that would have been difficult to understand without actually experiencing it for himself.  When Alex started law school, he intended to practice criminal law. He briefly worked as a law clerk at a civil law firm, but it confirmed his intention to pursue criminal law. After working in a variety of criminal law organizations, Alex eventually settled on working for the Clark County District Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the position is still somewhat new to him, Alex enjoys the responsibilities of being fair and trying to pursue justice for society, the victims, and the defendants.Alex says “no matter what path or profession one chooses to take, it’s incredibly important and beneficial to gain perspectives from others. Having seen both the richest and poorest segments of society, I feel more balanced and fair when pursuing my duties as a prosecutor. Agreeing with everyone isn’t necessary, but I think thatat least recognizing various vantage points is always beneficial.”  Alex’s family includes his father, Ker, his mother, Li, his sister, Michelle, and his brother, Phillip.

Andrew Estel (’04, Carswell)

Andrew received the Javits Fellowship which will end in August, 2008.  He finished his master’s degree at Indiana University in 2006 and has now completed all coursework for a doctorate in composition.  Andrew was awarded a U. S. Dept. of Education FLAS Fellowship to Rome for summer 2007. This year, Andrew will be Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at George Washington University.  He is now living near Dupont Circle, preparing for his final doctoral qualifying exam.

Jocelyn Farmer (’04, Phi Beta Kappa, Gordon, Carswell)

Jocelyn moved to New York City after graduating from Wake Forest and took a job at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a Research Assistant in the Department of Neuroscience.  During that year, she also spent time tutoring grade school children in mathematics and science at the Huntington Learning Center and applied to medical schools.  She had difficulty deciding between a medical degree or a graduate degree, and decided to apply for a joint MD/PhD degree funded through the National Institutes of Health, also known as the Medical Scientist Training Program.  Jocelyn fell in love with the program in Ann Arbor and accepted the University of Michigan Medical School’s offer.  Her education at Michigan will last approximately 8 years: 2 years of medical education, 4 years of graduate education, and 2 years of clinical rotations.  Thus far, she has completed her first two years of medical coursework and has passed the USMLE Step I Boards.  This past year, Jocelyn began a two month rotation in surgery before taking official pause from medical school in order to begin pursuing her PhD. Jocelyn’s thesis work will be completed in the laboratory of Dr. David Miller and will be focused on the immune response to viral encephalitis. Jocelyn was nervous to apply for an MSTP scholarship. At her interviews, Jocelyn was frequently the only applicant not representing an Ivy League education. Despite all of this, Jocelyn found herself at a top-ranked medical school, getting a phenomenal education.

Matthew Fulton (’04, Reynolds)

After graduating from Wake Forest, Matthew took a position as Operations Manager for McMaster-Carr Supply Company in Atlanta, GA.  He is currently an Operations Manager for Aero Logistics in San Francisco, CA.

Lauren Goers (’04, Carswell)

After graduating from Wake Forest in 2004 with a double major in Biology and French, Lauren worked in scientific research at Duke University Medical Center for three years while volunteering with her town’s local environmental board.  Last August she packed everything she could fit into her car and left North Carolina (her home state) for the colder climes of New Haven, Connecticut to earn a Master’s degree in Environmental Management at Yale.  Lauren’s academic focus relates to the intersection of land use planning mechanisms, land conservation and environmental justice.  Lauren recently traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to study current environmental and social issues affecting developing world countries.  Lauren was just named a 2008-2009 Doris Duke Conservation Scholar by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.  This award pays the entirety of her tuition for next year at Yale and includes a stipend for summer research.  Lauren says that her experience as a scholar at Wake Forest was invaluable in preparing her for life after college and now life in graduate school.  Lauren says, “I not only received an amazing education, but I felt my professors were truly dedicated to teaching and felt that I had a strong network of both formal and informal advisors to whom I could approach with problems or even just to talk about politics.  When I applied to graduate school I knew I had professors who knew me well that I could count on for recommendations and advice concerning which schools to apply to.”

Sarah Hubbard (’04, Wilson)

Sarah is currently finishing a PhD degree in the Department of Chemistry and a Management of Technology certificate in the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.  In the spring of ’07, Sarah was a graduate student researcher in the laboratory of Carolyn Bertozzi, where she taught organic chemistry to a single class larger than the entire Wake Forest class of ’04!  Sarah was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow (2004-07) and she occupied the chair’s position of the Department of Chemistry’s committee on Graduate Student Life from Jan 2006 through August 2008, overseeing the department’s social and professional development activities.  Sarah served as a delegate to UC Berkeley’s Graduate Assembly since 2007, and was instrumental in writing and implementing proposals for $1.3M in additional mental health services for students.  She is currently hoping to join a management consulting firm after completing her degree in 2009 to focus on the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.


Rosita Najmi (’04, Carswell, Presidential)

Since graduation from Wake Forest, Rosita has accomplished quite a bit.  She has been a consultant for America’s Promise.  She was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Bokonon, a nonprofit organization and NGO that organizes public health projects in Benin, West-Africa.  She also served as a Baha’i Service Fellow and Development Consultant for the Tahirih Justice Center to provide legal immigration services at an international human rights nonprofit law firm that serves female victims of human rights violations, domestic violence, trafficking and crime.  Rosita is currently a Research Analyst for The World Bank in the Middle East and North Africa Sustainable Development Department.  She is also working towards an MBA degree from Harvard Business School and plans to graduate in June of 2009.  Rosita is a 2007 Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, a Forte Foundation Scholar, an eWomenNetwork Emerging Leader of the Year, and a 2004 Attendee of Academy of Achievement.

Allison Blair Jones (’04, Poteat, Caldwell, Carswell, Willis and Harris Music Scholarships)

Allison attended Duke University School of Law for a J.D. degree after graduating from Wake Forest.  She graduated from Duke, magna cum laude, in 2007.  She held a position as term law clerk to Judge Neil Gorsuch, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Allison is the author of a published student note: The Rooker-Feldman Doctrine: What Does it Mean to Be Inextricably Intertwined?, 56 Duke L.J. 643 (2006).  She currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Kate Roberts (’04, Presidential-Theatre)

After graduating from Wake Forest, Katebegan her MFA in Acting at The University of Texas. While at UT, she was able tocontinue acting training, as well as teach acting andvoice classes toundergraduate non-majors.  Afterreceiving herMFA in Acting, Kate spent the summer acting at Williamstown Theatre Festival in Williamstown, MA. She then moved to New York and was cast in aworkshop of the Center Theatre Group (L.A.)for a then musical-in-development called, “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson”. During the past 9 months in NY, Kate has booked a “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” episode and small role in the new Catherine Zeta Jones movie, “The Rebound.” She will also be performing in the off-Broadway production of “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.”  When she is not auditioning or working on theatre projects, Kate works with another Wake Forest Graduate and fellow actress, Meagan Hooper, at asmall hedge fund, Williamson McAreeInvestment Partners,located in New York. Meagan is the Director of Operations, and Kate is the Director of Administration and assistant to the managing partners of the fund. Kate enjoys this work as well; it definitely provides some structure and balance to the audition/acting world.  Kate says, “I am very proud to have been a Presidential Scholar. The scholarship programhelped me in countless ways —it allowedme to attend an amazingschool with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, it introduced me to a community of fellow artists with varying backgrounds,and provided me with quality theatrical and musical opportunities!”


Sofia Rotter (’04, Presidential)

After graduating from Wake Forest, Sofia earned a Bachelors of Science of Nursing from University of Virginia Nursing School.  She is now an Oncology Nurse at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia.  Her official title is Sofia Rotter RN, BSN, OCN.  Sofia was nominated for Hospital-wide Best New Grad in 2006 and is an Oncology Certified Nurse as well as an active member of the Oncology Nursing Society.  Sofia still keeps in touch with her scholarship mentor from Wake Forest, Ashley Phillips.

Sarah Wiles (’04, Carswell)

Sarah earned an MDiv degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York in 2008.  She is currently an Assistant Director of Development at Union Theological Seminary in New York. She is seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and is currently certified for ordination, pending a call. This spring, Sarah won the David H.C. Read Preacher/Scholar Award – more information can be found here.  Sarah was married on June 14th, 2008 to Joseph Childers of Taylorsville, NC.

Jamie Dean (‘05, Carswell)

Jamie is a Law and MBA student at Wake Forest University.  He is currently going after a Paralympics gold medal in Rowing in the Summer Paralympics in Beijing. Jamie began rowing as a freshman at Wake Forest University in his undergraduate years.  Jamie plans for a career in law and is an editor on the Law Review and a member of Moot Court.  He married Lauren Brown, a Divinity School student, on June 7th, 2008.

Anjali Garg (’05, Presidential, Carswell)

Upon graduation, Anjali began a career in the Federal Government as a contractor for the US Department of Health and Human Services.  Anjali received official Federal appointment in February of 2007 and will serve three years in the government to obtain competitive status before heading to graduate school for an MMP degree.  Anjali was selected as a Truman Scholar in 2004 and will use the Truman money in graduate school a few years from now.  Anjali was previously a Program Manager for the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Program and is now a Program Analyst with the Internal Revenue Service. Anjali would like to share that being a part of the Presidential Scholarship program at Wake Forest not only made the time at Wake Forest more affordable, but helped to enrich the college experience.  The other Presidential Scholars from the music, art, dance, debate, and other fields created a unique and creative community at Wake Forest that Anjali doesn’t believe would exist without the program.



Kevin Jones (’05, Reynolds)

Kevin earned his PhD in History from the University of Michigan in 2013, followed by a year as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the George Washington University, Institute for Middle East Studies. He now serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at the University of Georgia, where he researches book manuscript about anti-colonial politics and culture in the Middle East, and teaches a variety of courses. Read more about his work here.

Angel Hsu (’05, Reynolds)

Angel earned a Master’s degree from Cambridge and has recently been accepted into the Ph.D. program in the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  She will be working with Daniel Esty, who wrote the bestseller “Green to Gold”.  Angel’s research will center on China’s environment, governance, and metrics for environmental performance.  She will be spending time in Beijing with her current job as a Research Analyst with the Climate and Energy Program of the World Resources Institute in Washington, D.C.

Kezia McKeague (’05, Reynolds)

Kezia recently accepted a position on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  She will be working for the Committee staff of Sen. Richard Lugar (IN), a member well-respected by both parties.  The position itself is a mix of process and policy, including outreach to other Committee members and outside actors, such as the State Department, White House and think tanks, supervision of the Committee’s calendar of hearings, and contribution to the research and writing of the professional staff members who work on regional and functional issues.  Kezia will be able to follow her own interest by working closely with the Latin America expert and she’ll likely have the opportunity to travel with staff delegations and draft the Senator’s opening statements at hearings, speeches, etc.  Before she begins this position, she’ll leave for one more field research trip in Cuba as a consultant for Freedom House.

Indrani Ashe (’06, Carswell)

After a brief stint in New York, Indrani has been living in Indonesia for the two years since graduating from Wake Forest.She has been making art work based on her research of Indonesian visual culture as well as teaching. Indrani had a show at Common Room in Bandung in June 2006 and will be joining a group show of Indonesian artists at Soemardja Gallery in Bandung this fall. Indrani hopes to enter an MFA program soon based upon her work in Indonesia and at Wake in the next year or two, but she’s not sure how she will find time to write applications.

Margaret J. Ashey (’06, Presidential)

Margaret is currently a professional research assistant with the Colorado AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  She also volunteers on the Alpine Rescue Team of the National Mountain Rescue Association.  Her parents are Mark and Elise and she has two brothers, Paul and Sam.

Kyle S. Erickson (’06 Carswell)

Kyle recently earned an MA degree in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago in 2007 and will be enrolling in a Ph.D. program in the Department of Government at Georgetown University in the fall of 2008.  Kyle married Irene Webb (’06) in July 2007.  Kyle is currently working as a writer at VSA Partners Inc., a design agency in Chicago.  He is also a contributing writer at The Diplomatic Courier, a print quarterly and online magazine covering global affairs.  Kyle says that he’s on the path to doing what he’s always wanted: reading, writing and teaching about political philosophy while raising a family with his wife. Kyle writes, “I will note that the year I’ve taken to work outside of the academy has been very rewarding and has provided invaluable insight into the way business works. I should mention that I never would have found this calling had I not encountered Dr. Robert Utley at Wake Forest, and of course I never would have come to Wake Forest had the Carswell Scholarship not made it possible. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the whole scholarship office.”  Kyle’s sister Kari, an ’04 Carswell scholar, is in law school at University of Texas at Austin.

Will Healy (’06, Reynolds)

Will is currently a student in the Medical College of GA, set to earn an M.D. degree in 2010.  He has been extremely grateful for his experiences at WFU. During his past 2 years in medical school, Will has spent a considerable amount of time contemplating his experiences at Wake.  He says “Foremost, I always think of the Reynolds Scholarship when I pay my tuition, buy groceries, pay the rent, etc.  What a gift it was to have full funding to be able to concentrate on only my studies without worrying about money!”  Will also thinks daily about how great his relationships with fellow students and faculty were.  Will believes that he has taken Wake Forest with him to medical school.  In his free time, he meets with a local Spanish professor to keep advancing in his language skills.  Will also continues progressing through a collection of classics and food science books borne of the local flea market.  Will even occasionally dusts off his trumpet and tries to play a few measures of his favorite pieces. He also likes to grow vegetables and plants in his small backyard downtown. It is Will’s hope that through medicine and his private life, he may one day bring the spirit of Wake Forest and it’s mission to those of rural Ga.  Will believes that his education would be a wasted one if it ended only in his own advancement without advancing the lives of others.  Will says “Perhaps one day I too can give another rural boy or girl the option to have some of the life-changing experiences that I have had at Wake Forest.”  Will’s family includes Dr. Steve and Lue Healy, his parents and Joe Healy (’97) in Internal Medicine Residency and a G.I. Fellowship at WFUBMC, and Laura Healy. Pictures in file

Kelly McManus (’06, Carswell, Davis)

After graduation from Wake Forest, Kelly joined Teach for America.  She is currently in her second year as a corps member.  She currently teaches Literacy at Tilden Middle School in Philadelphia, a low-income school with almost all African-American students as well as a sizable number of recent West African immigrants.  Kelly is looking forward to moving on from teaching but is afraid she won’t be able to find anything more rewarding than helping her students every day. Kelly has earned a Masters’ degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  Her brother Ryan is currently a junior at Wake Forest.

Erin Moseley (’06, Carswell, T.K. Hearn)

Erin is currently an Analyst with the Wachovia Corporation Strategic Transactions Group.  Previously, she held a position as an Analyst with the Wachovia Securities Special Situations Group.  Erin’s parents are Mark and Sharon Moseley, and she has one sister, Marissa.  Erin currently lives in Charlotte, NC.


Jose Manuel Silva (’06, Gordon)

Jose graduated from Wake Forest and received the Joseph F. Bohmfalk Scholarship, a merit-based full-scholarship to Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons.  He is currently a second-year medical student there. In 2007, Jose was the recipient of the New York Academy of Medicine’s Glorney-Raisbeck Medical Student Grant in Cardiovascular Research.  He conducted research on “Novel Antioxidant Therapy in Prevention of Lung Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury” at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center.  Jose was also a Summer Research Fellow at the Orthopaedic Surgery Department-Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Laura Bullins (’07, Carswell, Presidential)

In addition to the Carswell and Presidential Scholarships, Laura was funded for one year by the Chambers Family Fund and the Office of Entrepreneurship through the Kemper Fellowship.  She opened her own business, The Unique Sheep, a handpainted yarn company in 2007 and took on a partner in January 2008.  An article on her business was published in the December ’07 edition of the WFU Alumni Magazine which can be found here.  Laura currently lives in Carrboro, NC. She married Chris Lough (’06), a medical student at UNC, in July, 2008.

Anne M. Bowman (’07, Reynolds)

Anne is pleased to be working towards an M.D. degree at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  She is interested in clinical practice and community health and is considering pursuing an M.P.H. after she graduates from medical school.  She enjoys the camaraderie among her fellow M-1’s and finds it rewarding to spend time with patients on the floor and in the clinics as she shadows physicians.  Her professional memberships include the American Medical Association/Medical Society of Virginia and the Christian Medical and Dental Association.


Amanda Elyse Day (’07, Carswell)

Amanda was a lab Technician at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center during her undergraduate at Wake Forest.  She is currently a graduate student in Molecular Cancer Biology Program of the Pharmacology and Cancer Biology Department of Duke University’s Medical Center.  Her mother is Dr. Cynthia Day of Wake Forest’s Chemistry Department.  Her father is Dr. Victor Day and she has a younger brother, Zachary.

Andrea M. Jones (’07, Gordon)

Andrea graduated from Wake Forest and is currently a graduate student at West Virginia University pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology.  Her current research interests lie in the interaction of parenting factors, the familial environment, and the development of early childhood anxiety.  After she has completed her graduate work at WVU, she hopes to begin a career in clinical research.  Andrea’s parents are Marica Moore-Jones and Marty Jones and she has one brother, Brandon Jones.

Ashley Kliefoth (’07, Carswell)

Ashley graduated from Wake Forest in 2007 and is currently earning her Master’s in Education at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.  Her parents are William and Allyson Kliefoth.  Her brothers, Stephen and Bryan both attend Wake Forest and are expected to graduate in 2009.  Ashley also has one sister, Heather.

Margaret Ruth McIntyre (Meg) (’07, Caldwell)

Meg graduated from Wake Forest in 2007 and is currently pursuing a J.D. degree at The George Washington University Law School with an anticipated graduation date of May, 2010.  Meg’s family includes her parents, Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Miriam McIntyre of Hickory, North Carolina.  She has a sister, Kathryn, a fellow Wake Forest graduate (’06) and Caldwell Scholarship recipient, and a brother, James B. McIntyre, a current sophomore at Virginia Tech.

Karen Norton (’07, Gordon)

Karen is currently a Financial Analyst in Investment Banking.  She lives in New York City, NY.

Jennifer Nguyen (’07, Carswell, Bobbie Fletcher Memorial Fund)

Jen was a Resident Advisor while attending Wake Forest University.  She has visited many countries for various academic purposes: France (language), Canada (Vietnamese traditional music), Vietnam (traditional music research), Korea (teaching, kayagum, TaeKwonDo).  Jen is currently a Foreign Language English Teacher in Korea on the Fulbright Teaching Assistantship.  She plans to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry.  Jen’s family includes her Father, Sinh Dinh Nguyen, her Mother, Kim Pham Nguyen, her Brother, Jason Robert Nguyen (’06) a fellow Wake Forest graduate and Sister, Julie Nguyen, graduating from UNC in 2010.

Taylor Elizabeth Sparks (’07, Carswell)

After graduating from Wake Forest, Taylor completed a summer internship at an organization in Greensboro, NC called the Center for Creative Leadership.  During her time there, Taylor worked with the Design and Evaluation group to develop a format for communicating development program feedback to corporate clients and also began research in the field of leadership.  In August, Taylor moved to Athens, Georgia to begin her first of five years in UGA’s doctoral program in Applied (Industrial-Organizational) Psychology.  Her current research interest is leadership development.  Taylor will be presenting two papers she authored this past summer while at CCL this April in San Francisco at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference.  She is looking forward to sharing her work and becoming better acquainted with the work of others in her field.  Taylor has been “tremendously pleased” with the extent to which Wake Forest prepared her for graduate school.  She is grateful to Wake Forest for helping her to achieve and become a better person.  She notes that Wake Forest’s Psychology department is outstanding and has afforded her the opportunity to truly challenge herself.  Thanks to her experience here, Taylor asserts that she came into graduate school already having experienced the challenging work that other students in her program are just now facing for the first time.  She says that Wake Forest and its scholarship opportunities have opened doors for her and she is still finding doors opened as she continues in her life and education.  Taylor has received the UPS Fellowship to fund her first year of graduate education.  Both Taylor’s mother, Beth T. Sparks (’76, ’78) and father, Bill Sparks (’76) graduated from Wake Forest.

Alice Pelczar Wright (’07, Carswell)

Alice graduated from Wake Forest and is currently a Ph.D. student of Anthropological Archaeology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  Alice notes, “I continue to dig square holes, as I did as a student and researcher at the Wake Forest Archaeological Field School in Portugal. In the last year I have excavated in Peru, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Romania, and I have analyzed prehistoric collections from the Great Lakes and Thailand. I now hope to investigate the anthropological topics I first explored in Iberia — prehistoric cultural interaction, migration, and trade — in southern Appalachia, a region surprisingly untouched by archaeological research. Among my less dirt-covered accomplishments, I count surviving my first winter in Michigan and collecting the first harvest of hops on our family farm in western North Carolina.”


Cassaundra Young (’07, Gordon)

Cassaundra graduated from Wake Forest in 2007.  She is currently a student at Emory University working towards a Master’s in Public Health.  Cassaundra’s goals are to give back to the community in the field of health care.  Her brother grew up with cancer and Cassaundra has since seen health care as a significant part of her life.  She sees giving back as important because “to whom much is given, much is required.”  Cassaundra says that each day she figures out more and more what path she is to take and what she can do to make a difference in someone’s life.  Cassaundra says that she couldn’t have gotten where she is today without the help of Wake Forest, and although she is now at Emory, she still wears her black and gold proudly!  Her parents are Patrick and Margaret Young.  She also has two brothers, Joseph Young and Robert Young.

Ashley Garner (‘08, Mullen)

Ashley is currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine to earn an M.D. degree in 2012.  Ashley is involved in CAMPOS (Comprehensive Advanced Medical Program of Spanish), an enrichment program for students of advanced Spanish fluency that prepares the students to care for the increasing number Latino patients in North Carolina.  Her brother, Brad Garner (’06, MSA ‘06) and sister-in-law Emily Brooks Garner (’05) attended Wake Forest. Ashley’s younger brother Gray Garner is a current freshman. Ashley is proud to have fellow Demon Deacons in the family! Her sister Amie Garner Miles is a graduate student at Elon University studying for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and her brother-in-law is a graduate student at Duke University School of Medicine.


Will Rothwell (’08, Reynolds)

Will graduated from Wake Forest and is currently in Australia on a Fulbright research grant in biological sciences.  His plan is to enroll in the PhD program in Biochemistry at Harvard in 2009.

Amanda Dyl

Amanda Dyl (’08 Graylyn Scholar)

I feel very fortunate to have been selected as a Graylyn Scholar back in 2004.  I may not have recognized it at the time, but it has opened up many avenues for me that might not have been otherwise available.  I was applying to many schools in North Carolina during my senior year of high school…primarily because we had one of the coldest winters on record in Rhode Island and I wanted to make sure my college experience would be warmer!  Upon visiting Wake Forest, I became very excited about the prospect of spending the next four years there.  After leaving the interview weekend in February, I felt excited and impressed as I recovered from the experience I had enjoyed and the interesting people (the interview panel, host students, and other interviewees) that I had interacted with.  At the same time, I also felt some pangs of sadness, considering the possibility that this might be a community I would not be able to be a part of if I wasn’t selected as one of the scholars.  Luckily, I did not have to wait long before I heard some great news that I would be a part of Wake Forest’s Class of 2008 as a Graylyn Scholar!

The next four years were packed full of exploring new places, experiences, and opportunities.   The other scholars from my interview weekend were all living in my freshman dorm so I was able to continue to build connections with them and continue to do so today.   I did my best to take advantage of all Wake Forest and the Graylyn Scholars program had to offer; joining the Demon Deacons, running the club swim team, becoming a part of the psychology honors program, spending a semester abroad in Greece, working at an eating disorders clinic in Australia, volunteering in Winston-Salem and through alternative spring break opportunities, and so on.

As I approached my Wake Forest graduation, I decided to return to where I grew up—Rhode Island—to pursue my graduate studies in school psychology.  A few years later, I’m currently employed as a school psychologist in Brooklyn, NY at a first year charter school.  I feel very blessed for the opportunities, both financial and intellectual, and relationships that the Graylyn Scholarship Program provided me with.  Speaking of relationships, in my personal life, I met my now-fiancé during my years at Wake Forest and we became engaged at Pilot Mountain this past spring ☺

Blake Brandes

 Blake Brandes (’06 Graylyn Scholar)
As I launched into an improvised rap about superheroes for an auditorium filled with 8th graders today, I thought back to my freshman year at Wake Forest at a Graylyn Scholar in 2002.  I was just discovering that I could connect my passion for hip-hop with my academics to make a credible case for the importance of hip-hop as a culturally and politically significant art form.  I was also learning how to combine hip-hop with leadership and service–the conceptual bedrock of the Graylyn Scholarship–to help children who had physical, behavioral, and learning disabilities to express themselves and engage with education by volunteering at the Children’s Center for the Physical Disabled in Winston-Salem.  At the time, I had no idea where these passions would take me, but I continued to pursue literature, international hip-hop studies, leadership development, and community service throughout my time at Wake Forest, which culminated in the award of a Marshall Scholarship to study hip-hop and global youth cultures in England.  Through my Master’s and PhD, I researched how young people around the world were using hip-hop to form identities and social movements that rocked the globe through events like the French riots of 2005 and 2007, as well as the North African revolutions of 2010 and 2011.
While studying in the UK, I formed a music production and artist management company that generated international success during the early days of Youtube, which helped solidify my commitment to using music to reach young people around the world to deliver positive messages that helped them become leaders.  I took this commitment into my first job as chief program officer for a national non-profit that created corporate partnerships to help provide necessary items like toothbrushes and school supplies to children in need across America.  I wasn’t sure how hip-hop would stay in my life, but I had a firm belief that a focused mission of creating empowered, successful youth would guide me to the right path.
Who knew that a invitation to audition for the TV show “America’s Got Talent” would launch me onto that path!  Although I didn’t make it past the early round of auditions at Madison Square Garden (Heidi Klum loved me; Howard Stern didn’t), the crowd of 3,000 people cheering for me convinced me to launch my youth motivational speaking and hip-hop education career.  Now I speak to students at schools and colleges about how to “remix your reality” to be more engaged in their academics and more successful in life.  I also run a weekly motivational blog called The Up Beat, where I write and post rap videos about topics like dealing with overwhelm, loss, and difficult people.
What I love about the Graylyn Scholarship is that it signifies a belief in the scholars — a belief that they have a commitment to improving the world and amplifying their impact by leading and educating others.  The messages I share with students are reflected in my own journey:  create a compelling vision of how you want to change the world, seek out collaborators who share your values and commitment, and never forget the power that a few passionate individuals have to radically remix their reality… and the reality of those most in need of hope and love.
I just got back from doing eight hip-hop education / motivational school assemblies and leadership summits in Arkansas for K-12 students (including two continuation / alternative high schools), which was an amazing experience.  I’m currently writing and producing my next album, Remix Your Reality, which will be motivational rap music for high school and university students.  Next month, I’ll be running a professional development workshop for California teachers on using culturally relevant pedagogy (including hip-hop education) in the classroom.  So basically, I just go wherever I’m needed and try to help students and teachers in any way I can!